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Asking prayer for my wife again as some of you know my wife has had health probles for a long time. Since new years she has had fluid on the lungs twice. She is in the hospital now for it and has been suffering with sever pain in her hip area since thanksgiving they finally found out about it and it can be treated with antibiotics over 6-8 weeks.

Thanking everyone in advance for your prayers.

God Bless

Roger and Aida

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Hey Roger...our prayers will always be with her till she`s back to her normal self....I deal with pain myslf, having a degenirtive bone disease...but with the help of family and friends I know they are praying that the pain subsides and I to, get lead a semi-normal life. The power of prayer is a blessed gift!

Prayers will go up from here Roger you know how the song goes prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door.

Praying for you now!!
GOD BLESS ! Rodger, give her the love, its the main thing
Prayers have been coming from here for a while.  Have a fast recovery Aida, Roger call me if you want to talk...



I'm glad to join your other brothers in praying to the father for your wife's healing.... May you find God's grace flowing from unexpected places.... Hidden manna and honey from the rock...




Wichita Sam

You got 'em, Roger.


We'll pray for you, too - may God give you the strength to carry the load you're used to sharing with Aida.

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