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OK, so, this week I'm helping out with a kids workshop building kit/cardboard guitars.... after the first day, I realized I needed a guitar that would act/sound more like theirs, so... I built Wichita Sam # 210 - "the Mail Man" ... that uses a Priority Mail Shipper as the box... (don't get excited, I had one that had some shipping damage that made it unfit for use.)


It uses a dulcimer-stick, neck on top of the box design. 4 string fretted, oak neck painted distressed black, corian nut/bridge. Even put a hole and leather strap in the head stock so that it can be hung on the wall. It has an amazing loud and clear tone.... losts of fun and if the box gets trashed, just scrape of the bottom of the neck and glue (CA) to another box.


Here's a slide show


and a video with "the Mail Man" ad libbing a song.

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is that male or mail man lol nice and easy
"Mail Man".... "Mail Person" doesn't rhyme so good!!! hehehehehe. Thanks, Sam

wesley carl said:
is that male or mail man lol nice and easy
Wow Sam, great idea and sweet execution. What are the kids building? Any pics??

These kits sell for arund $ 50 and comes with everything needed to build a 4 string cardboard guitar.... Here a link http://www.harpkit.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Produ... I think that these are a natural lead into CBGs and other experimental instruments. the best, Sam

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