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probably the only builder with all the time in the world...

funny thing about prison and music. i guess its the fact that a person has time to look into himselve . my brother is serving a life sentence . never played a note in his life until he got locked up .now about half our conversations is about what i can get and send him to help their band.i couldn't get him to slow downefore didn't have time for it . sure has got time now . sad thing is we won't get to play togather,i guess i get a lot of pleasure out of helping them do something productive. so far i've donated about 4 guitars some strings and some drumsticks. it is worth it if it keeps them from hurting someone or each other.

if you get a chance see what you can do to help make the people coming out people we can live with.



I have great sympathy for our brothers and sisters in prison. "There but for the grace of God, go I".

Now I don't have rose colored glasses on. People do bad things and need to punished for their actions. Additionally, there are people who are down right evil.

Although, I can't help but think with more intervention and in prison counseling and training, maybe we can decrease the population of the prisons.

It seems on our present course, we are just educating and creating harder criminals.

I don't think building more super max prisons is the answer. It is simply a reaction to a system gone off course.

The penal system was originally meant to rehabilate wrong doers. Return them to society. If not, the financial weight and burdon will be on our backs as tax payers.

Thank you for sharing this clip. Good to see people finding pleasure in their lives, wherever they may find themselves.


HMMMM  Da BigHouse Ya say...? an untapped market for CBG sales??????  Ima contact My local Warden. Now...to find someone to fence all the packs of cigs Id have to accept as payment.....

Whats bizzare is that prison approves and provides model boat kits..... like Where would they use em? Everyone knows theres no time for model boats when its bath time in prison!

you are absolutly right we don't do anything except stack people in there. do nothing to change the reasons or causes for their actions. but we expect them to be different when they come out. an't gonna happen you are right about but for the gtace of god . yesterday i was test driving my 68 mustang after putting in a fuel pump and ran it out of gas the police stopped to see if i needed help naturally they called the tag in and it was reported stolen scared me to death . was just a mistake the officer had my lic reg, and insurance card in his hand he ask them to try again and they had made a mistake. if he hadn't been holding the paperwork i would be on cops t.v. show and sharing a cell with somebody i hope i could interest in building cgb,s instead of what ever else he might have on his mind. it is a funny story but the truth is we need to do something to help the people coming out to be different not so much for them but for those of us who have to live around them see if you can help in your local prison or jail to mabe get something going with a music program donate a couple of your old guitars or buy some strings or donate some books they would appreciate it and you might feel good doing it.

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