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Project fully funded in April...3 string "build yourself" guitar kit. Almost $25,000 raised!

It was only a matter of time. A commercially produced 3 string CBG type kit. 



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WOW!  Just WOW!

Interesting business model.  Send a donation to help him start a company.

Cool concept for a guitar, slick marketing, whimsical website.

Every Grandma will love it...  

$215 simple child's guitar kit.


If you donate $150 now, you get a guitar when they go into production.

$215 retail price.  

Where do I sign up? 8)

That's it- I'm taking things into my own hands. I'm meeting with the executives at QVC next week to carry the torch for the Handmade Music Clubhouse. I'm gonna show the world what we can do! Now, if you all don't mind sending me some cash....





awww nevermind!




Visit the page for more info. Impressive use of the internet. Marketing master mind!  
Whatever. Leave it to someone to sap the soul out of an artform and make it Walmart. Shelf friendly. The parents who buy this have probly also purchased a book on 101 fun activities for You and Your kid... My 4 yr old has built 3 CBGs (real ones) from scratch with my help... I for one won't be ordering one but kudos to those who do if they spend time with there kids.
Thank you for your comments. I personally find this very good marketing. I posted this as an incentive to all my building friends to encourage them to take their ideas and skills to the next level. As we all know, it is easy to talk about things, but very challenging to really do it. Then we say, "Hey! That was my idea". I am always impressed by the creativity of CBG builders. My hope is that others don't come along and steal all the thunder. Find some backers. There is some cash to be made. Artists don't have to be poor and starving to be authentic. Enjoy my friends, Keni Lee 

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