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Up For A Grammy

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Carolina Chocolate Drops with Joe ThompsonThe Carolina Chocolate Dropsare up for their first Grammy this weekend for their album Genuine Negro Jig. The music on the album is a bit contemporary, with a nod to the past. The group has become famous around the country because of their use of traditional  black "string-band" style of music. Dick talks with the founding members of the band and one of the masters of their style of music, Joe Thompson.

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This is awesome Diane, great find.  Definately worth a listen folks.

Diane, I took the liberty of posting the story here instead of just the link.  I'm not sure if the audio player works with all browsers, but folks can listen on The Story website.

This the real stuff, baybeh.  Thanks.


I caught 'em on Tavis Smiley's show, a ways back - but forgot to look 'em up.

Even a shot of a CBG on the wall in thier video.

Wow, Wade!  That was great!  Thanks for the link!

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