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Sorry for the luthier question, but I don't really have anyone else to turn to. My favorite twelve string guitar has been hanging on my wall for almost six years because the bridge pulled up a bit. Today I popped it off and the top is pretty splintery beneath. I have the proper tools and clamps to fix this, but I'm concerned there won't be enough contact for the glue to hold it. I don't want it pulling up again.


Luckily I can't blame myself for the splintering. It didn't take much to get the bridge off. It peeled itself up. I should have gotten it repaired a long time ago. But like most people $$ is short.

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Yes, I would put endpins or something in the bridge holes to line things up while gluing.

The bolts/machine screws with nuts on the inside of the body are another good solution if regular gluing doesn't work by itself. Like the other poster said, they can be hidden with mother of pearl, or even a rosewood dot to match the bridge. I would think 2 would be sufficient.

I would use hide glue if you're used to using that, otherwise a wood glue such as Titebond. I've used a white glue made by Luthier's Mercantile but that didn't seem any different to me than using Titebond.


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