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The kalimba-tron will have a bridge about 12" wide.  I'd like to be able to amp it through spouse's bass amp.

Okay, now what??  Do piezos work with bass?  Do I need a stonehenge with 12 stones?  A lipstick the size of a --- well, I'm not saying, but anyway, what's your opinion?

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piezo works fine on bass.... big azz stonehenge a good idea too...and i have no idea the size of ????? on the last one (he says trying to sound innocent and naive)
think one of ur friends may have an unused lipstick chassis that large ?? (what is the key sequence for innocent rolly eyes smiley here ??)
surely ted can make u a blade pole type pup so ur spacing is not dictated to u by a design meant for strings and not tines?
but his winding rig may not accomodate, that is like a triple width pup...

so maybe have a look at John Drake's (australian chap) entry halfway down this page..
could use generic strat pups like this..

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