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Question those who build piles of necks all at once

I barely have two of the same box let alone twenty, but I occasionally see people who 10-20 blank necks at a time. That is something I'd love to do so I'd have a few in stock to cut down on build time. Is there a generic neck? Or do you guys really have piles of the same box?

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You can make the necks up ahead of time, just don't notch it for the box ....... do that when you are ready to add the box.

thats it, the boxes neednt be identical to have the same neck, just similar proportions.. So u might make a neck or batch of necks that are good for any box with a minimum length of x, say for example 20 cm or 7 inches, and a minimum depth of 1 inch.. So u might do a batch of 3 (this is hardly mass production, just time saving and smart) for boxes which while not identical do share similar dimensions; then the amount of individual work on each to fit to box is slightly different, but almost the same.. A lot of ppl round here work like this, check out Dianne in Chicagos batches..

I dont do batches all that way thru, but i will glue up laminates in batches so they're ready to cut down into necks.. This just saves on mess and waste when i mix up an epoxy.. If u bear the 3 day curing period in mind this only makes sense, if i have an itch to make an axe, im ready to go

I build in "runs". Thurs afternoon I did a run of about 8 necks,all at the same time ,cutting build time by a lot.Like was said earlier I dont cut for any particular box until its time to mate the boxes with the necks.
I build in runs because I build anywhere from 3 to 8 CBG's a week and several 1 stringers.
I work a full time job and theres no way I could built 8 necks 1 at a time and then find the time to actually market the pieces when their done.My necks are done in bright colors most of the time because that has proven to catch their eye and start their decision to buy.
Last winter I tried to keep up by building 5 to 10 CBG's a week and couldnt keep up with sales, had to close the store a few days here and there because sales outpaced my ability to build that week.
I enjoy building ,I build a modest unfretted 3 stringer because thats what my market in my area can afford.
I DO NOT build fancy upscale pieces because the folks that vacation here simply cannot afford a high end piece at this point in time ( economy).Upscale pieces would simply hang on the wall and look pretty,which doesnt pay the bills.It's purely a business decision."Real world" as opposed to what I might consider building.
I do 4 at a time. basically rough in the length and headstock.And if i know im doing all the same neckthru Ill make a slot for the bottom of the box. then all i have to do is notch the top to match.
we do a neck on design with ours so the box is irrelevant, we can literally slap this onto any cigar box, unfortunatly its the wood for necks not boxes that holds us up with construction so we dont ever get a stock pile going

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