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Although, I have only built two CBGs, I want some info for maybe a possible build. I want to apply an image to my box and neck. What kind of paper or base should the image be on and how do you apply it and finish it so it will be long lasting? Does the image ink need to be considered so that discoloration, smearing or bleeding of the image can be avoided? What could I look for in an image to maximise its sucess?

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I've heard peopple use the decoupage product Mod Podge.

For a logo on a headstock I've used SuperCal slide off decal paper and printed it on my ink jet printer.

I'm right now in the middle of spraying clear spray paint on card stock of the name and logo for my new LowRider Foot Stompers, I'll let you know how it works, should be a few hours and a few coats of light misting. If it works I'll use 3M spray adhesive to apply it to the stompers.
I ordered some of THIS laserjet paper from www.texascraft.com. It is water slide decal paper, you just print out what you want on your laser printer, cut out the decal, soak in in water for 3o seconds, then slide it onto your surface and gently squeeze out any bubbles.

After it dries, just spray it with a few coats of varnish or urethane.

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