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Video: Quintin Plays the John Deere Themed Cigar Box Guitar  

Quinton McDannald, tech at Guitar Center and professional luthier plays one of my gits, the "Deere, John".  Guy has real talent, 'specially considering his young age.  You should see his hand-made, arch-top mandolins. First time I've seen one of my instruments played by someone who really knows how to play; very gratifying.

The Deere, John isn't for sale yet.  Still tweeking a little.  My stock has currently dwindled a bit, but anyone interested can see my currently-available CBGs at Wishbringer Hand-Crafted Instruments.

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Very nice guitar and picking!
It’s refreshing to hear an actual CBG played well (by the actual player) without the all-too-predictable echo, delay, distortion, etc., etc., ad nauseam, electronic effects.

Very nice sounding guitar. Very good young player as well.

How did you manage to get the tuners all in a single row and so close to one another? I would think the mounting tabs would have forced you to space them farther apart. Still, it sure looks cool that way.

It was one of my earlier guitars and turned out that way because I didn't know it couldn't be done.  ;D

Actually, the tuners have only one screw and it's mounted on the corner.  So placing them across from one another I could center them and place them pretty close, as the offset screw hole wouldn't interfere much with the main body.  Like you say, wound up with a rather unique look. Required the use of a couple of eye screws to space strings but it worked.  These days I'm putting my tuners either all on the same side on a slanted head, or 2x2 directly across from one another.

Unless I'm feeling mildly insane...

Thanks for the clarification. Still, I like the look of three-in-row..........

That one's actually four-in-a-row.  The fourth one is kinda hiding near the nut.  :D

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