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If you haven't seen this, well, you have to.  An unbelievable collection of innovative instruments, cooked up by folks working with what they had.


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Many thanks to member W.T. Tarapchak for putting it together.

This is like Graceland, gotta make the pilgrimage!  I'm going in July.

Here is the museum homepage:  http://www.museumofappalachia.org/

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This is great. I looked over the catalog online while it was downloading, a number of instruments are listed as "missing"... seems someone just had to take them home and play them :) Thanks for putting this together, which it were near us.
Can you link to the catalog? That sounds very cool.

I'd walk off with that gourd fiddle, no problem. I'm hunting for a fiddle-shaped gourd right now.
Thanks Diane. Don't know how I've missed this place but its on my list now.

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