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Hullo all, I have been playing a 3 string that was completed a few months ago, sounds nice but for performance needs amplification, and that is ok. I am really happy with it. Tho, now I wonder if I could build another in the line of a resonator guitar and play it without an amp. If anyone has any advice to throw my way I'd appreciate it. Ta in advance

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Update: I have roughed out a resonator and cover plate, based the fretboard and fret spacings on a short  old classical guitar (don't know the actual length). I am still looking aground for string sizes and tuning, wondering now if one of the D combos would give a deeper sound, what with the strings being a bit shorter. Oh, and thanks for your reply Rick. Cheers

G'day Rick, all is good. I am just going through the process of sifting all the thoughts and options that go through my mind when I am into a project.  Have a good start already. I will probably use the same size strings that I've used before and tune them up or down as required to get it right.  Have fun with your project. Time to go to work now (way different time zone). Cya

ya need a big box i use a silverware box its fairly loud

Mate....somehow years back, I missed your comment.  :)

Like your idea. Hope all is well for you. Cheers Peter

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