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What suggestions do you guys have as far as pickups for resonator CBG's, I just finished my first reso, third CBG and I wanna get it right. Piezo/ or single coil.

Thanks for your help.

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Great question Godzilla (and welcome to the clubhouse). My opinion is that a reso is a complicated sound producing device that mixes sounds from the strings, the vibration of the cone and that combo mixing it up inside the body & out through the soundhole. I think the best way to amp a reso is with a microphone on a boom stand right in front of it. Besides that, I use an actual mic element inside the box hooked to a jack. I also do a couple mods to get rid of any possible feedback.
yea what ted said
Thanks, the box I used though was not very tall at all, about 1 1/2, and i put 1/2 baltic birch on the lower portion of the box for strength and attaching the neck to. It's just my first reso and wanted to get the most out of it while contemplating my next reso.

Can't wait to score some of your hand made pickups. I've already got two maybe even three orders in for CBG's and I've only just begun.
try lowes reso i think youll like them makes it easy
I put a piezo in my resonator and it works very well indeed. Used a volume control as well; this was the first time I'd tried to wire in a volume control and I got it right.

The piezo is mounted using a thick layer of GE silicone and is attached right under the bridge. I slathered a little more silicone over the whole thing after it dried.
It's not microphonic at all, and gives a good tone through every amp I've tried so far.
Thanks for the link to Lowes, great resource. I think I'll go with a piezo, seems to be the consensus.
(stumbled in from nowhere)...

I'm building a reso-CBG using both, a mag pick up at the neck and a piezo near the reso-cone,...

out come?,.... TBA! (grin)

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