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I thought it would be cool to make a cigar box amp cabinet that looks like a well worn combo amp from the 50's. I found the perfect metal handle for it but it's too shiny and new. Does anyone have a recipe for oxidizing metal fast. I'd prefer something other than nasty chemicals. Thanks.



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Pickle Juice
Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try, it's a good thing my son moved out, he used to drink the pickle juice!
MMmm -- brings back memories.  I used to sneak the pickle juice out of the fridge while watching Saturday morning cartoons while my folks were still asleep.
That's funny, did they ever notice that the juice was gone?

Mix vinegar and salt - its harmless but will age your stuff in no time.

If it has a protective coating on remember to remove it with a little wirewool or sand paper first.

If its chromed or has a similair hard finish, take the blowtorch to it and red hot it.

'Rust never sleeps'? Neil Young fan??

Oh yeah! I've been a fan since Niel was young.

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