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I think I have this right, but i'm starting to second guess myself.   This is the experimental pickup for my steampunk build:


















The two coils are obviously reverse poled.  The reason I'm second guessing myself is that the coils are actually wound the same direction.  My original assumption is that since i'm flipping one of the coils over that it becomes reverse wound.  The arrows show the direction of the wind.  So... am I really RWRP here?

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Beats the hell out of me but if that works, its gonna be the coolest pup ever made.

Technically they are not reverse wound.  It took me some time to wrap my brain around this.  I printed your pic and I also wrapped twine around some small dowels to visualize the concept.  The fact that they are single pole adds an interesting twist. 

I assume that wanting one RWRP you want to make them hum canceling.  It doesn't have to be technically reverse wound to do that.  Choose one and attach your hookup wires opposite the other.  On one make the start of the wrap positive and the end wrap of the other positive.  Many humbuckers are not actually reverse wound but wired that way.  A true hum canceling set will have each pickup impedance matched and with your different size coils that won't be the case, but it helps.

This is an awesome contraption you're building.  Can you explain the magnet please.

But, does it fly?

Ted, thanks for taking the time to think about this for me!  I was going for hum cancellation and was curious if it would work with different size coils.  I wired the instrument with a DPDT switch to toggle  the coils between series and parallel.  I'm thinking one of the two positions gets me to the configuration you are suggesting.  Here's a diagram of how it's wired:



Will that get me there?  


The magnet is ceramic, i'm guessing.  Alnico?  The brass carriage is not magnetic, just the screw poles and the threaded rod below it.  Right now i have the wires that run from the control box to the pickup grounded to the copper tubing it travels through, which also grounds to the control box.  Do you think I should ground to the carriage as well?  The carriage should be conductive through the threaded rod, through to the water tap, through to the string that is held by the water tap chassis, then through to the other strings via the brass bridge.   


I have to re-wind the smaller coil tonight due to an accident. *grumble*


Thanks again for your help!!


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