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am going to go with a scarf joint for my next build. Want to try and get away from "String tree- sub.'s". Looking for as clean a look as i can get. Don't see this on most builds. Is it just the hassle of cutting and gluing or what?

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its woth it, not dat hard

am building my 6th cbg. forming the neck lost in the task . Had the 1by2 marked with a 15 degree angle forgot all about the fact that after the cut you turn the one piece over. Had already planned a quarter in. off. Oh Well! a senior moment. It will have to wait to build #7. Thanks for replying

I really like making a custom headstock on a scarf joined neck. It's a great creative outlet for me. I have made the cut with my chop saw as well as a jig saw, and I like to think i'm getting better at it with each. The cut needs to be clean and straight- which can be tough depending on how you are doing it... I think either lack of tools or lack of confidence is what holds most people back. My worry is that I can do pretty well with the headstock but the rest of the build might not be as good as the neck. lol- go for it!

am looking at building my 7th cbg. have come up with a 3 string fretless model that i like, looks and plays well and people like it depending on what type of box; the colorful ones are more popular. If it is a musician i try and steer them to a wood box bcause of the sound. i think there are pics of my latest in photo library. It is the 1st box i got, told the guy what i was  going to do  he looked at me, snickered. Brought 1st build back, built one for him[ its his brand on box] and he gave me a half dozen more boxes. Turned out they sound great.

I want to learn to do this!  I really like the idea of a custom headstock thats different than a stick with a little cutting and sanding :D

right now i,m building mainly 3- string fretless guitars. Most of the people that want them are not players so i really haven't tried one yet. I did make a mock one on some scrap wood left over with a 15 degree angle, just haven't had the time to make one yet.

@jamie question:   Are the "wings" on the headstock glued to a 1x2 neck or did you use a larger piece and cut it down to the neck width?

no they are glued on- Gorilla glue for wood,. i like the look and they are 'do-able'. meaning i do most of my plainning-???? down with a hand rasp- don't have much in the way of power tools. i cut the 1x2 in half {5-in.] glue them to the sides, then do that diagonal cut.

They are glued & clamped to the sides of the neck. You can mix woods too for something different too. Sometime soon I am going to make a laminated neck this way- looks awesome. I have used regular wood glue, tite bond, and gorilla glue and all seem to work well. Then I draw my shape, cut with a jig saw (close to the line) then final sand/ shape by hand and with an orbital/ hand sander. Then I'll thin out the headstock a little to work better with the tuners too. Sand it baby-butt smooth and finish-

Thanks!  I may do this on my license plate Im working on.  I suppose it can be done with our without an added on fretboard and with or without frets. 

There`s nothing wrong with string tree type headstocks if you do them with style.                                                                     Final build for 2012

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