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Scrap Pile.... WS 264... testing neck thru/bolt-on hybrid design

Ok, so it's winter, it's cold and I'm bored.  I have bits and pieces of failed projects and I have to build.  I decide to test a new design... a hybrid between a neck thru and a bolt-on CBG design...

Here's what I ended up with.... SCRAP PILE... a three string, fretless, short scale (20") with a neck that gouged out during routing and couldn't go on a client's CBG, used strings and a beat to heck Oliva box.

It's fun, it plays, but that's not the point....

From this view you can see for sure, she's a neck thru....  but what's those bolt heads doing on the bottom of the box?

Well, if you back them out, unstring the neck and open the lid, you have

a neck thru CBG that had a characteristics of a bolt-on; the neck is removable, adjustable and replace-able.

What makes this design work is a "not too thick box"" and the bottom of the box reinforced by a "back bone" made of a hardwood scrap.


When she's strung up, she has the sustain characteristics of a neck thru, but I'm glad I can pull the neck, 'cause  I just remembered I'm not much of a slide player and it will a lot easier to fret the neck without the box attached....


thanks for lookin',

the best,


Wichita Sam

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Jay at tinyguitars uses three screws, screwing the neck to the lid, basicly the same idea with the neck being able to be removed. And the cbg has lot of sustain to them.

Cool idea Sam...!!!



That's really the point.  attaching the neck to the bottom keeps the sustain that you get from the neck but frees the top to vibrate freely.  I've never been a fan of locking up the top.  


the best,


Wichita Sam

Roger Morin said:

Jay at tinyguitars uses three screws, screwing the neck to the lid, basicly the same idea with the neck being able to be removed. And the cbg has lot of sustain to them.



One of the real "tips" to this post is the big "bolts".  They are called "deck fasteners"... I get them at lowe's for $ 0.14 each in the 1 1/2" length.  They work great for bolt-on applications.  They feature a star drive so they don't strip out like the typical screws used in bolt-on neck applications.  They also have a little industrial feel and works for CBG, IMHO.


the best,


Wichita Sam


Randy S. Bretz said:

Cool idea Sam...!!!

this is the method i use. looks like some heavy duty screws/bolts your using there

tinyguitars said:
Yep Roger, but what Mr. Sam is doing is leaving the top free to vibrate, this is very similar to the idea I took from Jim Ferris by glueing in a scrap piece to the bottom and bolting the neck to that. I've done this on many CBUkes and a few CBGs as well.  Shown below on one of my Kamaka copy 1886 CBUkes. =) GOd bless.

Nice job Sam and Jay.  I bolt mine thru a countersunk hole on the top of the neck thru to a brace glued to the bottom of the box.  Tho top only makes contact around the perimeter braces.



The neck is double thickness inside the box, leaving a true neck heel and not an add on outside the box.  This allows me to notch for the pickups and still retain a strong neck.

Good post Sam. I too have been messing with the same idea.  This pic doesnt look like it but it holds heavy bronze strings very well with one screw, its also a string through...

Dats fancy  nancy dar rod

Looks like a good one!

Hey Sam good idea and thanks for the photos which will help Me-- see Ive aquired a bunch of free red oak but all too short for my normal neck thru.... so Ill have to attempt something similar.

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