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Im sure all us brits caught Mr Seasick on 'Top Gear' last week, but thought our brothers out west might like it too.

'Top Gear' has an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide, with as many as 6 million tuning in each week... Im sure this kinda publicity is good for all of us!! :o)

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Nice one mate i missed it myself i was informed about it last night - was goin to iplayer it but you saved me the trouble cheers :-)
Brilliant! I'm a big fan and that's a cool glimpse into the man on stage. As I understand it us Yanks can't watch the iplayer? Thanks for posting this Ben.
Yep, they got it tied down Ted so only Uk I.P. addresses can access it.... unless some unscrupulous type were to repost it on such a site as this :o)
Thanks for that mate.
I missed it when it was aired so I was able to catch up with this.
What a great guy and musician.
perfect-I saw the bit I wanted (and avoided the rest of it)..cant stand top gear LOL!
thanks Roosterman.
Thanks Ben...I'd missed this edition...wonder who built the Morris Minor guitar?
Not sure, but next time lets make sure he has one of the Clubhouses' guitars on there!
That was great!!!! Seasick Steve is one of my all time favorites and that morris minor guitar look's very cool!! Never would of thought of something like that.

Imagine him and Ben Prestage playing together with Hollowbelly, it would be like a cooler version of Zz Top (3 beards, get it?) hehehehe ZZ-Box!! I bet they'd do a killer version of Tush.
Thanks for posting this Ben!

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