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Here is a little list of possibilities. Two different tunings in two different keys using the same strings. If you use medium gauge strings on a standard scale length, tuning down will be easier on your neck. The numbers are the major scale tones.


1) Standard Strings: EADG

Tune down: DGDG (Key of G 5151)

Tune down: DADf# (Key of D 1513)


2) Standard Strings: ADGB

Tune down: GDGB (Key of G 1513)

Tune down: ADF#A (Key of D 5135)


3) Standard Strings: DGBE

Tune down: DGBD (Key of G 5135)

Tune down: DF#AD (Key of D 1351)

Enjoy, you Tiger's Blood drinking Warlocks! 

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Thanks for posting Kenny. I've been playing with  the way down low open "C" tuning and really like it. I think its because I used to play the bass in my earlier years, I think I need to build a baritone reso. Thanks again.

Thank you Eric for your comment. Ya, tuning lower not only sounds cool, but definitely takes a lot of stress off of the CBG neck. This is a good approach when stringing and tuning older vintage guitars too that don't have truss rods. Enjoy your practice, Keni Lee 

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