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Hi folks. I'm building my first CBG and so far so good. I do have one issue I haven't quite worked out yet. I'm going to install a piezo pup wired to a phone jack and my issue is this: how to firmly attach the jack to the box. The screw thread end of the jack isn't long enough to penetrate through the 3/16" thick wood for the mounting bolt to attach to. (The jack in question is the 1/4" panel mount jack from Radio Shack.) I was thinking of dremeling some of the wood away from the inside of the box but I think that would just weaken the mounting area. How do you guys do it?

Huge thanks.

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like you say easiest way is to rebate the inside of the box option 2 is to drill a big hole so your jack socket will pass through it and make a jack plate which can be attatched to the outside of the box with 2 or four small screws
Beautiful. Those extra long jacks would fit through some of the more heftier boxes too. Thanks guys, and cheers!
Hi Naz i think the type of Panel mount Socket Larry has is the square plastic type - like used on amps

I usually cut a hole in the box large enough for the entire jack (and pot) to fit through then make a cover plate with a piece of wood. I've tried a lot of different way to mount hardware and for me this works best.

Hey Juju, you're right. I'm using that square plastic socket but the female end is just too short. After looking at the jacks that Naz pointed me to, I can tell that's what I need. (I actually asked the lady at Radio Shack about something like that and all I got was a blank stare.)

Ted, that's a pretty cool arrangement you get there. Did the wood for the square jack cover come from the cigar box lid or something?
I get a 3/4 inch sliding cabinet door pull. It looks like a little metal cup. I hold the door pull with channel locks and drill a hole in the center for the jack threads to fit through. I then drill a 3/4 inch hole in the cigar box where I want the jack to go using a spade bit or a forstner bit. I insert the door pull and add a tad of super glue gel or glue gun hot glue to hold it if it is not snug enough. I then install the jack and tighten the jack nut with a socket or needle nose pliers. The door pulls are available in brass, chrome, or an antique finish at Lowe's or other home supply centers. Hope this helps, Cheer, FIN
Larry, here is a photo of the cabinet door pull jack plate.

Thanks, Frank. That's a pretty elegant solution. It's also pretty obvious, in a forehead slapping sort of way.
+1 on the door pull idea......works like a charm.


Thanks for posting this question! I am just about done with my first build, too, and was wondering about different ways to mount the jack. Love that door pull idea, Frank. Unfortunately, now EVERYBODY is going to be doing that! Lots of great ideas here, though. Thanks a lot!
It may have been. I gleaned it from someone in the Cigar Box Guitar community. Folks here just love to share.

I'm not sure the Telecaster jack plate could be bought at two fer $1.59!

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