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Does anyone have any suggestion where I can find some 3 string slide licks, techniques and picking patterns to add to my currently random wanderings over the strings?Just some basic variations and patterns would be great so that I have a place to start with and start to get some variety into my playing.

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Mainly what I do with a 3 string is use the 1st string only for slide. So you would go up and down one string to make your melody, as if it were a one string diddley bow - not across the strings. If I bring in the other strings they are more or less like a drone that repeats the 1st string. I also include the open string note and the octave note (at half the string length) for variety or special effects.

That being said, there are also a few nice bluesy licks down on the lower end of the scale that go across two or three strings.

Adding some vibrato gives slide playing a really nice singing quality.

Check out my really basic beginner's slide video here:


Keni Lee Burgess has extensive instruction materials for playing on a CBG. I haven't personally used any of his material, but it's supposed to be good stuff.

Shane Speal has also posted several free CBG playing lessons online. I found the one on picking patterns very helpful.

Shane also likes to use a stubby slide, which can be used on the middle or bottom string without activating the other strings. This would open up further licks for slide.

Great stuff, thanks very much!

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