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Well after almost 4 months of treatments for a reverse curve in my spine. And suffering for well over a year I am finally able to walk around without a cane, have been doing so for 3 weeks. It still feels funny not to have to depend on the cane even just to stand up. They put me in a harness on a table and basiclly streched my spine like the old torture racks a long time ago. Good thing I have son thats got money he paid for it almost $5000.00 for 40 treatments medicare won't cover it. Even though the doctors have to have a special lisence to do it.


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Well, that IS great news! Best wishes to you, Roger!
Prayer works! Great news Roger.

I wish I could ditch the cane.
Glad you're feeling good !
See? Keeping the faith paid off! Glad to hear you are on the mend! :-)
Glad to hear the good news Roger
Hey Roger thats great news mate i'm real pleased for you bro take care
juju :-)
I wasnt aware that you were having such a back problem. It makes me feel like somebody should smack me every time I complain after STANDING by the bench sander too long and limping into the house whimpering about the pain I'm in.
After hearing what you've been going through every time I whine I'm going to suggest to my wife that she slap me.
I'm sure I wont have to ask her twice, as lately I've been asking her to help me out by putting a coat of stain, or paint on necks I have going to keep me on schedule., Not to mention begging her to spray paint the PVC grommets I use for sound holes etc,,,,
I'm glad your on the mend, and hope your wife is doing better also.
Great news Roger! Great to hear something going your way brother. Glad youre son had the funds too. You took care of him his young life, now hes stepping up and helping Dad out.
That is so great....glad to hear good news!!!!

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