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Hit a bit of a brick wall with this one so I hope someone out there can help me out.


I need a Left Handed 24 fret electric guitar neck for a particular build, but much as Iv tried, I cant find one at any price.


Any ideas? Im happy to ship one in from anywhere! Or do you have one?


I guess if all else fails I can convert a 24 fret RIGHT handed neck, if the price was right!



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welcome to my world rooster! ive ranted for donkeys years about this - the minute a lefty asks about a git the price seems to magically rise 25-50% a complete rip off imo.

good luck finding one

Yep, it is odd how it costs so much more. I suppose its economies of scale.

Or a con....


Thanks for the pointers too Jkevn.

As it turns out a fellow CBGer has one in his attic which is now on its way to me, so thats that sorted.... and without having to remortgage the house :)

You can try eBay for Eden Necks, they have some listed as righty/leftie with paddle headstocks you can shape yourself.


Edit:  Fixed link

Yep....Eden Necks are quite good (there is a bit difference between them), but I have 3 or 4 of them. Only problem is that it takes at least 2 weeks, sometimes 4 or 5 to get then in Europe


ted's link didn't work:


Thanks chaps. Managed to pick up a old but never used one from fellow CBGer David Lloyd (thanks!), but Il keep a note of Eden necks for future reference.


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