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About Spanish Ceddar;



The genuine honduran mahogany, used by Gibson in the 50′s, hasn’t been commercially available in a long time. If you’ve ever played a genuine vintage 1959 Les Paul, you know the difference between old and new. The real honduran weighs half of the mahogany used nowadays and sounds amazing! Did you know the tradename honduran mahogany is still in use, though the wood does not really from Honduras?

Many of us think – the heavier the better – but that’s just not true. A heavy mahogany guitar does hold sustain, but the body tone is weak and unresponsive. Manufacturers have solved the weight problem by making the body thinner or drilling holes in it. This is not, however, the same thing as having a thick solid body built out of lightweight wood.


In search of perfection, Juha has experimented with many wood species, and as he found Spanish Cedar...(open the link above)

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I used spanish cedar on my last 20 builds. Love it.

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