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I took today off from work planning to brew some beer, but when I got up this morning a friend posted a cartoon kind of illustration of an electric rake and asked if anybody thought it would be possible to make one.  So I took on the task and put it together. I took the rake apart and moved the handle down to go past the tine cross bar, drilled some holes and bolted it back together. Used a drawer pull for the bridge, a couple eye bolts for the nut end.  I had my first three string pickup sitting on the shelf so I mounted it on the shaft in front of the bridge. Screwed and glued on the "headstock" to mount the tuners to. The pot and output jack are just stuck through the tines and the nuts tightened back against the tines.  Jas will come over tonight and try it out.

Maybe I'll brew the beer Friday night after work.  ;)

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wowzers thats cool lookin !!

wow.  I would love to hear this.

The fellow I made it for said he will do a video when he gets it figured out.  I will post a link then.

cool !

Here's the audio recording of the rake. Nobody's Fault

video out soon.

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