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Although I don't give any input here. I still enjoy making a stop by here each day to see what people are doing. Other than my good friend Jay at tinyguitars Ted has always taken the time to say to me Roger if you need to talk to someone just give me a call. For those that think Ted is soft your right in his own way he is. He is more careing than many of my family and friends. He is there for people when they are down or hurting in his own way.

To Mr. Ted Crocker I say thank you for offering that talk, but I have grown a lot stronger in knowing that with prayer everything will be all right.

As for everyone who's praying for my wife thank you. They have found the problem and with treatment with antibiotics things will start to become better. And As time goes on the rest will become better also.

Thank you and God Bless

Roger and Aida

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Glad to be with you in the Ted Crocker fan club.  Those who don't get it.... don't deserve it.


Continued prayers for your wife and you....





i pretty much can't wire a plug, if it wasn't for ted id be an acoustic only type guy.

thanks ted and more power to ya!

Love ya Ted. Glad to hear about your wife getting better Roger.

Hey Roger, Keeping You & Ms. Aida in Our prayers over here @ Highway Key also. YES Ted has got to be one of the most real guys Ive ever met. This is the kinda guy You wish would marry Your Mom or Sister...

I couldnt get over it when He said "call Me' -I had to get over being a bit starstruck because of the amount of respect I have for His work, 5 minutes into Our conversation I felt as if Id known Him most of My life. We here @ the Clubhouse are super lucky to have eachother and a place to meet up to share ALL the things We have in common. Ted is the perfect "Captain" on this  "Ship of (lovable,talented) Fools". I am proud to be a part and grateful to be in such great company. Looking foward to next Labor Day. Oh, and the Panama Red/ Down Under & wiring harness I just ordered from Ted is beyond awesome, pictures dont do His work justice- now I only hope I build a guitar worthy of those electronics..... keep Ya posted.

Thanks guys - Aww shucks...


Richard, have a pic of your sister??  LOL


Roger, great to hear about Aida - continued blessings!


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