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Ted Crocker Needs Your Help!

A lot of you know Ted Crocker (me). This is hard to write…

I’m a founder & 'Guru' of the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution since the very, very early days of the 2003 Yahoo CBG group. I’m the first to offer CBG pickups since then! I’ve been online pretty much every day giving tips and helping folks.

I’m member #1 at Cigar Box Nation (2008) and responsible for much of the early content. In 2009 I founded the Handmade Music Clubhouse .com for all homemade instruments and am there every day.

I’ve shared pics of a thousand or so of my instruments, amps & weird creations, plus many in depth builder blogs and answered tons of questions over the past 17 years.

Some of you may not know the extent of my severe health issues. MRSA in my foot/2004 (still a problem), 2 skull fractures & severe eye damage & broken ribs plus more/2012 (big problems still), stroke/2017 (‘pins & needles’ in my hands), and recently severe respiratory problems. Slightest task and I’m gasping for air.

I quit smoking over 3 years ago but maybe it was too late…. I spent a surprise 4 days in the hospital in July and they are after me for the bills.

I can’t afford follow-up with a specialist. Thousands of dollars I do not have.

I met with a social worker to see if she can help me to see a specialist. So far approved for Meals on Wheels!

I’ve hardly been in my shop in 3 years, a few minutes a few times just to retrieve something - no work. I had to close my online stores. I find it hard to walk a short distance of 25’ or stand more than a few minutes without gasping for air and leg/back pain.

I really, really miss creating awesome stuff…. I haven’t given up yet, hopefully I can get fixed and get back to creating cool stuff again. Wish me luck!

My savings is long gone (ID theft 2015 - $22,000) and I am struggling to pay the bills. Today I can’t. I sold a lot of my stuff but it’s not enough. It’s coming to a head right now.

My cable/internet bill is overdue 2 months ($177 each), electric is overdue (~$65 each), phone ($45). Plus my website and Clubhouse hosting fees. Every month… Last month I racked up over $400 in courtesy/overdraft fees. I think I’m at my limit now with the bank and have a lot of bills coming up.

My bank account is negative $400 and I’m about to bounce my rent check ($975). PayPal is negative $196. Every 3 days they keep resubmitting to my bank and my bank denies and charges me another $33 in a vicious circle. Thirteen times last month times 33 = 429.

It’s expensive to be broke…

Wanna hear something funny? One of the auto renew PayPal payments they keep resubmitting is $2.99 for my iCloud account. Every time they resubmit it costs me $33 every 3 days and the 2.99 is still not paid. Same with my website and Clubhouse rental fees. OOPS, not funny…

It would suck to have no electric or internet/cable.


I’m usually the guy who helps folks. Many of you have been on the receiving end. Hey Dylan Ragpicker Allen, back me up bro & spread the word. Relate how I helped you with a first car, PA system, entire shop bench tools, iPad, etc. I’ve helped others, even strangers, totaling thousands when I had it to spare and was able to work in my shop.

I hate to ask for help but I really can’t think of another option. A couple of kinda local Facebook friends have bought some instruments & amps and even donated to the cause the past year - THANKS!

Hopefully some of you have a few bucks to spare to keep the lights and internet on. I can put off the doctor. Anything will help at this point and if you can’t, that’s cool. Stay safe & God Bless!!

Maybe some of y’all can share this to the CBG groups here, I’m embarrassed enough typing this.

Thanks for listening and for any help!!

My PayPal ID is ted@tedcrocker.com


Ted & Angus

email: ted@tedcrocker.com
phone: 856 404 0411

Check my FaceBook page for tons of my cool creations and no drama..

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