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I got an idea to build telecaster with two p-90 pickup and tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece.


Is there any thinks I should think about before I start?


I think I gotta route same neckangle to neck pocket than Gibson guitars have. Is there anything else?


I want tele style neck, but is rosewood fingerboard or full maple neck better for p-90 pickup.


Normally I think that there must be full mapple neck with telecaster (bright sound)

and there must be rosewood fingerboard with statocaster (warm sound).


But how about with p-90. Is maple or rosewood better? Any opinnions? Gibson guitars have rosewood but there is also different body wood. So do you have experience this compination: Alder body + maple neck + p-90 pups (I still thinking is it maple neck or rosewood)


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If you're going for the feel of a Tele with the sound of a Gibson, I would go with warm woods. So at least alder and rosewood. Also scale length will make some difference in sound, but that is also part of the "feel" thing.

If you want to get even more Gibson-y, then you go can with mahogany body and/or neck with rosewood fingerboard.

I'm not sure about using a Tune-o-matic bridge though. You can get Tele bridges with a spot for a P-90. It might make the project go a whole lot easier.

Thanks! For comment. Good thinks to think about.


P 90s on a Tele....awesome... but Id go with the Tele bridge b/c in my humble opinion it just flows better. as for woods... I dunno all my shiot is plywood Id say whatever ya can get Yr hands on... but Id make the body myself...screw Warmoth or any other overpriced company. If Ya want Me to cut you a Tele just holla I have some primo vintage plywood just dying to get cut into something!
Thanks.  Yep, I will build te body for myself! I just used that warmoth program to model!

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