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Let me be the first one to send a big ole, shout out to Ted.!
            I would like to personally send out a GREAT BIG OLE thanks to Ted.  I have worked in the leadership capacity in my painting club groups....and I sure do understand how much time and effort goies into organizing and sustaining any kind of group. 
      KUDOS Ted for all the things you do to make this clubhouse a success!!!!
            *Thanks for all your time given....maintaing the groups, Clubhouse Group photo (how wonderful is that!)

            *Thanks for the help you give in the chat room...I know, personally, you have answered countless questions of mine. (our personal help desk)

            *Thanks too for all those little extras you include in my packages when I purchase some of your products!!!!   Nice surprise every time I open a package from your shop!!!!  The products I have purchased have been top notch, so THANK YOU!  Those teslas are amazing!  Will be purchasing a Ted Crocker Original real soon!!!!!!!!!!!

So, how bout it clubhouse....help me thank Ted for all the good things he does to keep this clubhouse a nice place to be.

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I agree. Ted your an awesome person. And I have never met anyone quite like you. One of the smartest people I have ever met. I am better for knowing Ted Crocker.
A hearty thanx to Ted, indeed. Especially for providing a place for all us nutjobs to come for group therapy. Wait a minute, doesn't that make him an enabler? Meh, I'll get over it.
Yep, We wouldn't be HERE if not for you Ted .. Thanks for all you do and ALL you have done ... and Ditto on what's been said already!!! Don't know how you HOW you do it , but I"M glad you do....
I have never seen such blatant ass-kissery........oh, wait a minute.....YES I have. Of course, the love fest is easier to partake in when it is freely offered and not a prerequisite for admission. I still get Chills thinking of what "lil extras" he sticks in JoJo's box....

I myself will give thanks too....

Thanks for all the chores I have not finished since I found these wretched instruments, all the American Idol episodes I have missed because I don't have cable in the shop. Thanks for the blisters on my hands from this dang wood rasp, and the cancer I will surely get from hanging around seedy cigar shops.

Thanks alot Ted, my kid is starving because I spent my last few dollars on tuning keys and fuggin piezos, and my wife thinks I'm lookin at porn cause I'm on this site all the time. Thanks alot Ted! It IS all your fault.

On a more serious note, I am grateful for Ted's help and advice....not just for me but for anyone who asks. Probably the greatest contribution to the CBG / HomeMade Instrument Community has been the attitude that formed THIS place, and what makes it differ from any other. Yer the Shit Ted!.....now, back to your regularly scheduled program....
To be praised like this in Austria, a person is normally dead. I hope you can read this, Ted: Many thanks for having given us all a place to share the fun of building and playing homemade instruments!

Teddyyy if I send u my last build whill u Bless it and autograph it for me and send it back with sum goodies. Just kiddennn Thanks for helpin out and keepin up with all the clubhouse stuff. You should be proud. CBG buildin is a heavy addiction and u are the Kingggggg pusher.
Just read this thread but I had to back out and get a pair of rubber boots! LMAO!

Just keepin it simple ;

" Ted, thanks for an awesome site and the fine products that you produce".
Yeah Uncle Ted.... you da best, man......

Wichita Sam

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