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Catchy huh?

Ok, this may be inspired, or it may be crazy.... Id like to know which!

Many other craftsmen have a guild or a body that identifies them as achieving a certain quality or level of customer satisfaction. It is good for us, the vendors, as it says our goods are of a certain standard, its good for the customer as they know what they are buying.

Personally I would like to be able to display a little logo on my website and a bit of small print that says Im a member of a recognized group of builders, and I think the rewards would be subtle but worthwhile. Plus the cost of doing it would be minimal, mainly just the time element.

Im not sure how membership would be determined (I feel that there should be some quality guidelines rather than just 'free entry'), Im not even sure if this is a foolish endeavour...

What do you think?

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Great idea Rooster.How bout a logo contest. Will we have a secret handshake. Oh never mind. Thats another group.l
great idea ben, and yep that is a catchy guild title, i like it.it should be a worldwide organization.
sounds great ben keep me posted on this and let me kno if i can be of assistance

I love the idea! Sort of a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or the UL tag on electrical stuff. HMMMM Handmade Music Guild: Certified!

here's some thoughts

how,what,who,why,when,where,how long?

how does one get certified?

who does the certifying?

should individual instruments get certified?

who decides? and on what parameters?

the guild needs a logo and also a certification icon (coat of arms both?)

logo can be displayed as a Handmade Music Guild member and the certification could be used for an individual instrument HMG certification, perhaps even with a printable certificate

both logos should be clickable back to the guild certification page for you or the instrument

(HAAA, sorry about the name Handmade Music Guild, HMG, sounds good to me but it could be anything)

typical certification of anything is Submit, Review, Decision (sometimes a fee is involved)

something like this would require a database that'll be searchable for ages to come

or just a group here where someone posts 5 pics of different instruments to be considered a member and 5 detail pics of an instrument to be certified in a new discussion

maybe voted on in posts by anyone and take a tally after x amount of days

er, maybe a silent vote set up as a poll

Stuff to think about, any ideas?

Cool, thanks for the replies guys! So either its a great idea.... or we are all crazy! lol

Heres my thoughts;

Folk would need to express an interest to the 'board' in being part of this.

Though it would be nice to see and play the actual instruments, I dont think this would be possible, so it would have to be based on photos, videos, and importantly, customer feedback.

I feel it should apply to people, not individual creations, as folk generally build to a regular standard, and it is less time consuming to manage.

As for the parameters, I would think minimum requirement would be
1). a minimum number of builds completed
2). correctly functioning instruments ie correctly fretted, intonation, working tuners etc etc
3). positive customer feedback, either via ebay, or on own websites, or by some other method.

As for who decides, Im sure one person could do it, as there would be almost no decision making - the acceptance guidelines would do the deciding. Though I dont see any reason why a small group couldnt share the load. I think itd be best to make it more business like and less public voting - I think it gives the customer more security.

Logo, no problem! I like the idea of clicking back to the Guild page too. To my mind, this would be an outline of what being a member means ie what criteria they have met, a list of members, maybe a feedback page. Id be happy to host and manage a site for this purpose.

Interesting.... any other thoughts?
Wow great Idea. And Ted made a whole lot of great points. If something like this is going to lend to credibility. Its got to be credible in itself.If it's something pulled off half ass. Some jerk will come along one day and expose it for junk. Like a madd member. Or someone that has been cut for poor behavior. And make a mockery of it and the members involved. I think it would be a great idea if properly set up. ( I can talk to the people that run the WCRCA and see if they have some kind of standard issue stuff to help) Or some doos and dont list for us. My dad has been involved with that group for about 40 years. AnywaysI would love to be in the inagural membership drive. Hell Id like to be on the board in some fashion.
One thing I do know about groups like that is usually they are non profit. Meaning the funds taken in that arent part or the running expenses usually go to a charity. like the childrens hospitals or an agreed on charity from the membership board. Thats about all I know about associations. besides they will sometimes work your butt off. the West Coast Roofing Contractors Ass.(WCRCA) has been after me for years to be on the board. But I dont have the time. They work me on things a couple times a year as it is. And Im not on the board. I cant afford the time they would require from me if I was.
Anyways great Idea. I love it
It is a great idea, but some how you have to get affiliated with all the other makers forums in the world. I don't know how it works but they have one for pen makers. I know it is not easy to become a member and it is considered an honor to be a member, (for those so inclined). You might get some info on how it works at their site:

I belong to and hold a number of certifications from both Govt. and private sector organizations. Just part of the job. What follows is just an example:

" Professionalism has long been a goal sought by members of the fire service. It has only been within the past 25 years that a system has evolved to produce national professional qualifications standards that an entity can use to establish performance measures for personnel. Entities that achieve Pro Board accreditation are recognized as having met the rigors of review by an independent organization. This third party independent review is the best way to assure candidates and governance bodies that the entity’s program meets the national standards.

ProBoard recognized certification from an accredited entity is a statement of success, an indisputable mark of performance belonging to individual fire service professionals. Each successful candidate for certification from an accredited entity knows that he or she has been measured against peers and meets rigorous national standards. Certification affords the individual a uniformity and portability of qualifications. In addition, the credibility of an organization is enhanced by having members certified to national consensus standards."

Anyone else see the instant dilemma? There are no standards for building the instruments....there are however, standards for fit and finish in other professions/hobbies. Once the "standards" are chosen, each applicant must be graded (objectively, not subjectively) to that standard.
Everyone who applies cannot possibly obtain "guild status" and there must be a means for removing members who violate or fail to comply with the "standards".

My suggestion would be to have an "Association" of builders who consistently demonstrate quality in the following areas...Playability, Durability, Fit/Finish, Customer Satisfaction etc. These areas could be graded based on customer satisfaction surveys / tallied and then once a certain level of grade/score was obtained...the builder/seller receives "recognition X" and can proudly display that recognition.

You can recognize builders who perform above and beyond without seeming to "create" the standards to which all hand-made instruments will be judged. A loosely formed coalition of builders that strive to improve can be a valuable asset in providing confidence in the customer without all the hoopla you will find yourself in by creating "the Standard".

The short answer is to set up guidelines that this body will adhere to. Create a system by which members can be graded objectively (by a third party). Create a mechanism to flog and chastise non-compliance. Enjoy the benefits of increased customer satisfaction.

*I did not intend to write a novel, and do not intend my use of lengthy writings to imply I have any knowledge of the matter to which I speak.
all my builds are approved by jim. Thats good enough for me. I youd like jim to test yours, send them my way.
Nothing primative about what I do. LOL except market.
hi !, i think it would be a good thing!, i don't really know how it could work but it could ber a very intersted thing !, to protect us from a "china" invasion, ( i've seen in a over discussion);;
All interesting comments, thanks guys.

So, I guess Il be trying something in this direction.... it may take a while due to other commitments, but Il keep you chaps posted :o)

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