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It isn't often that I come across kindness in its truest form. That is, a random act of kindness unattached to any bit of expectation or reciprocation. I can look you in the eye and say without a doubt that the people I have met in this clubhouse are some of the nicest, kindest, genuine human beings to grace the face of this Earth.


So, what has brought on this expression of jubilation, you may ask? I just recieved a parcel from none other than Randy the "bone-master-extraordinaire". I opened it expecting to find a biscuit bridge and a pair of bone saddles for a reso-banjo build. Those were certainly in the parcel...but were not alone.

There were two added bonuses...a hand-carved bone plectrum, sweet. Before I mention the other item, let me say Randy and I had discussed working with bone. He said he shapes bone with diamond wheels, because they "cut bone like butter' and don't leave burn marks. My reply was simply that I didn't have one.

So added to my parcel is a diampnd wheel and the bit to hold it in a dremel...I am humbled.


Thanks Randy, for reminding me that kindness still exists...I am happy to have met you, and everyone else in the Clubhouse.



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real nice post Farmer Ted!!    Maybe I should let Randy know how badly I want a drill press!! Then order some bone from him!!!

You are not alone Scott. I purchased one of Randy's half and half bone slides and he slipped a plectrum in the package also. Randy is a stand up guy and I too am happy to have met him, even if it is just "online".

 There are alot of great people here.

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