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I've been offering my guitars for sale at local art and music festivals here in Phoenix and the question I'm most often asked is: "How long does it take you to build one of these?" at which point I look like a deer caught in headlights because I don't have an answer right away. I know what they cost to build but since I kind of go into" the zone" while I'm working, time just either stands still or flies away. I sometimes wonder if they'd like to hear me say 3 months or something like that. Can you imagine how long it would take Martha Stewart!? first she would plant and nurture the tree for the neck, then travel the world in search of the perfect box and so on. It probably would have been a good past time while she was in the gray bar hotel.

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Roosterman wins for best answer, IMHO.


The answer is different on every instrument.  If they're asking about a specific one, then you can relate what it took to shape the neck, the tuning, strings & tuners, bridge, box, pickup etc etc.  Maybe they are really interested in how much of it is you and how long you toiled...


Take it as a sign that someone is interested.  Pick it up, show em how easy it is to play a riff and hand it to them.  Show them how to play what you just played.  Point out more cool handmade stuff. 


Or just say "Less than 4 years!"




Well i just tell em what they want to hear..   oh this one took months mate...


sure it sat there while i finished several others..

That's funny! I'll have to use that.

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