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There is a band that wants to use one of my guitars onstage, it has a Ted Crocker piezo in the biscuit and its wired directly to the jack. They are of course getting too much feedback when using it on stage. Is there something I can do like add volume, tone or gain or is there some way they can change set their amp/PA to stop this? Anyone who plays this type of pickup onstage that can help I really appreciate it. Thanks

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Which pickup are you using?  Something you may do to reduce feedback is to put foam rubber, bubble wrap or crumbled newspaper inside the box.  That will deaden its acoustic tone, but should help with feedback when plugged in.
Hey Ted, its the Lowecone buiscuit bridge, not sure it would help with this type, I will probably start putting preamps in..thanks for the help
Brian have you used one of those rod piezo`s yet. It gets layed into the slot of the biscut and the saddle lays on top.  The sound the produce is so much better then a disc piezo. I started putting alot of them in all my builds. What mark lillo does is use the per-amp kit from gitty.  I found rod piezo`s on ebay with the lead wire coming out of the middle of the rod which would make it work just right for a Lowe reso cone.
Randy I  do have one that I got from Gitty but have not used it yet, it may be too thick for this box but I thought about it, If I take the buscuit out and install a mag pup near the neck or top of the cone it seems that I would lose any sound the cone might create but with no real world experience I am just assuming, thats the reason I installed the piezo to begin with, what do you think?

Brian have you thought about using a mic element for the cone and a pup at the neck. Using the mic will get that reso sound that your looking for plus you`ll have the pup for the extra punch. The mic gets mounted on the bottom of the box below the cone. Ted used one already, I have them in my license plate double neck. They pick up the sound good but not as good as in the biscut, but they do give the build that old time reso sound.

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