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This mothers day won't be forgotten. Tonight I lost my mom who has been in the nursing home for all most ten years. She went unexpectedly and fast, I kind of feel bad for the young lady that was washing her for bed. She turn from my mom when she turned back my mom was gone. At least she didn't suffer any.

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Roger, we share your grief. Our prayers will light her in her new place. She didn't suffer...

We have your back brother...

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Hey Roger, call me, i have a question about that bridge on that guitar...

peace brother...

This Mother's Day you start celebrating memories!!!!

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Sorry Roger. My Condolences.
Very sorry for your loss, Roger. My condolences to you and your family.
Sorry Roger. Ted's right. Celebrate the memories.
Sorry for your loss Roger. This life is not the end. There is comfort in that.
Sorry to hear about your Mother, Roger. Our thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family at this time.
I am so sorry for your loss Roger. Both my parents have passed, but their love goes on in me and my brother. Love doesn't die...it goes on!
Sorry to hear about your mother Roger. As King David said just after he lost his son" why should I grieve for him that is gone now I must live my life so that I may join him" I know that don't make it any easier to lose a Mother but its does give us something to look forward to.
Thoughts and prayers won't dull the pain, but know that you have mine anyway. God's Blessings!
Keep your chin up Brother.So sorry for you and your family. Im sure i dont have to remind you. But this is the best mothers day she could ask for.Bet Jesus is showing her a great day for ya.
My condolences Roger..my mom passed this past March. I was with her and played her "out the door" on the Uke.....The young lady is very privileged, it is a sacred moment, and perhaps your Mom knew she had the companionship bedside in her final moments. and felt comfort in that..I had never witnessed death, but with my Moms departure I came to view dying as something no one should do alone ,..sadly it is hard to time, in many instances, often family members falling short because there is no warning, no way to attend, or get there in time....maybe your Moms case. Actually it is sort of a beautiful peaceful moment:-) I think There is a better place than here:-)and the soul and spirit of those we love, remains.
sincerely, Laurie

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