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Ted got me back into building and has helped me out almost every step of the way. I bet he's done the same for you.

Truth is that despite helping people everyday Ted struggles to pay his bills and doesn't have a day job. He needs this move to Florida, and he isn't going to make it selling things. I know we all struggle at times, but try to dig a little deeper this next week and put something in the tip jar or buy something from him you maybe don't need right this second. We can make a huge difference in Ted's life right now, and we should do what we can.

btw this site does cost money and he doesn't charge for ads, so that reason alone should be enough.


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Good idea Harrison. I have been here a while and this is the first time I have donated. Sorry about that Ted, sometimes I need prodding.
thanks Mark! bumping this today as Ted's need is great and time is short!
Just want to thank Ted for all his help in getting me started in this wonderful hobby. Tip is on the way. Hope you get settled in Florida, soon.

Thanks Harrison, I really appreciate it.  The Clubhouse is my 'labor of love' but any donation helps cover the fees to keep the place online.  It's especially helpful now because I'm moving me and my shop back to Florida and struggling to afford it.  I hate moving, but it'll be great once it's over with and I'm set up again!


Big thanks to Hidebender, Railroad Don, Phil Noel, Mark Lillo, Elmar Zeilhofer, Michael Babcock, Phillip Noel, Mike McPheeters, Sanddraggin & Hal Somervill

Just to inspire everyone that is a member on this site; If every person on this site only donated $1 to Ted (and I KNOW you all have gotten one dollars worth of fun and information out of Ted's site) he would be much closer to getting his Florida shop up and running. Do the math and if everyone donated $5, (and who hasn't gotten a sawbuck's worth of fun and inspiration from here?) we all would insure that not only Ted is taken care of, now, but this site could continue for a long time.  So, get on board and send him a fiver. You'll never miss it and he'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks Harrison, thanks Bob Harrison, thanks Ets, thanks Cajun!!!


One week from today I hit the road.  Still a lot to do and it's chaos around here.

Thanks Randy!
Thanks Old Lowe!

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