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I bet someone else has already started a discussion about this but here is one of my favorite ways to get CBG necks (FOR CHEAP OR FOR FREE)

I don't know if you have a "Lumber Liquidators" near you It's simply a flooring store. I do business with them on occasion because i'm a HANDYMAN but you can get exotic wood from them FOR FREE or a couple bucks simply by asking if they have samples I can take to my customer or my wife (Who I mention wants 3/4" thick and at least 3"-5" wide solid wood floors) I also ask for longer planks.

Most flooring is just over 2" wide if that will work then get that.

Lets see if these links to my clubhouse pics work:



Now, at 3/4" thick you may want to consider adding on a different wood for the fret board. If you're fortunate enough to have a band saw/table saw and a planer, split a plank then plane the back down to make fret boards. I would suggest taping the front/pretty side before running it through a planer so the finish stays pretty.

For guitar parts, flea markets! I look for the broken or themed/colorful kids guitars with nice tuning pegs or teens electric guitars that have the crap beat out of them for getting pickups and they are always wired with tone and volume knobs.

Usually less than $20 for electrics and ugly acoustics I get for $5 or less

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Here is a shaping tip

I notice a lot of you are using rasps to shape the necks.

That's great but to sand them smooth, I use an old belt sander belt. Just cut it cross ways and sand like your buffing shoes

This Brazillian Walnut "IPE" neck was completely shaped by hand with a split sanding belt:



And the belts last a looooong time!

ok this is my latist find im a dumpster diver so i needed a neck i went looking for a table leg and what i found was a bed box spring one with out the springs and hit gold . 22 3-4 string necks 2 2string necks and a few diddley bows . they do have some staple holes but a little homemade wood filler will work

Good idea. I have these sandpaper rolls in various grits. I used spray adhesive to glue them to a piece of flat marble. Works great for sanding big flat surfaes like necks or fretboards.  http://www.harborfreight.com/2-3-4-quarter-inch-x-25-ft-80-grit-abr...

I do most of my collection at the recycle shop at some dumps, bed head boards mainly, an excellent supply of mahogany, oak and some native (to NZ) woods. Cost is usually a couple of dollars tho the "FREE" heap is also worth a look for ones that have been stickered/graffiti-ed/ damaged a bit. Good Will shops are another option. At an average of 20mm thick, just cut a 45-ish millimeter strip and you are good to go. I've made a load this way and have yet to have one break or bend enough to be a problem.  For the slightly richer collector, a building recyclers is like Disneyland. Brass fittings, aged timber, odd cabinetry that can be reused, moldings of all types.

dumpsters :)

My unexpected great find was a box of veneer scraps I bought on ebay.  I gave $10 or 15 total and got a 2 lbs of veneer pieces about this size. I still have over half of it left.

I have used it for everything.  From bridge bases to making my own flatwork to wind pickups with.

Sweeeet find Tom!

I'm sure several of you do this too. For string holes, I get an assortment of pop rivets and pull the rivet out just leaving the sleeve. They dress up the holes real nice. Also use tarp repair kits for making small sound holes. Hit your local Dollar Tree or 99 cent store, walk every isle you'd be amazed at the ideas that will pop in your head. Same goes for craft stores and like someone else said Goodwill / thrift stores are great too.

For string ferrules I use these

And these for sound holes 

But like MZ says, you can find great stuff at thrift stores, flea markets, craft stores, garage sales, dollar stores, etc.

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