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Hi Friends, Here's a stand up solid body electric bass I'm making, Maple / Sycamore neck with steel truss rod, Oak "wings" on body. Ready for finger board, and I haven't decided wheather to fret it, or make it a fretless. 34" scale, and it will have a rod for standup work. I'm going to need a 3 string pickup, (Ted, you there?), I can play either fretted or fretless. All the electrics I've done so far are piezos. Rich in Tennessee.

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Thanks Richard - it's built with a wine box - there's also a couple of videos of me playing it unplugged and plugged if your interested - good luck with your build!

Richard Sanabia said:
Hi Tom, Your bass is great. Now thats a BOX!

Tom Lanford said:

Tom Lanford said:
I made a three string bass a while back. Fretless 3 string. Sounds a lot like an upright. My vote would be fretless.
Check out my page for photos.

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