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Hi all, I'm in the process of building a Cigar Box "Stop Box" to add a little percussion to solo playing.

and here is where I need some help. I'm using a cheap P Bass pickup and was considering adding Volume and Tone controls. but after giving some thought I realized all I really want is to be able to back the tone control all the way off to reduce noise and make it sound something like a kick drum.

Here is where I admit my ignorance, while I can follow a wiring diagram and solder I have no idea how this stuff actually works. so that being said how do I wire this ? I figure I'll use a .047uf cap or maybe a .022uF (any thoughts here ?)

can I just put the cap inline on the hot wire  and get the same affect as a tone control all off. I'll be going from the pickup to the output jack without any controls.

any thoughts will be appreciated, and I've been talking pics of the build and will share when done


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Just wire the cap across the jack, not in line. 

any thoughts on the value of the cap ? I'm looking for a boomie thumpy kick drum like sound. If I understand correctly the higher the value the less the high frequencies....  

The rule of thumb for caps is that the brighter your pickup the higher value of cap you want. So if you have a bassy pickup you probably want a low value cap.

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