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Has anyone used Tung oil for the neck finish? Does it hold up well?


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I have used Formby's for years  good stuff. Not familar w/other brands. I did just buy Watco Teak Oil about 1/2 the price of Tung Oil. Should work just as well. Using it on some walking sticks I'll be selling @ farmers' mkt this weekend. I'll let you know how it works.

I'd like to see your walking sticks. I make those also. send pictures to onebrotherjohn@yahoo.com, please.

Thanks for you interest but it's easier to send you to my website @ http://www.papassticks.blogspot.com. Here's my email if you wish to send me some of yours or to share ideas.

Ok, last week I tried Teak OIl instead of Tung oil on some walking sticks I had made. Some of the sticks had bark on them and some had the bark removed. The wood varied from walnut & basswood to burl maple and maple. The results were that the Teak Oil perform very well. The oil was easily applied with a sponge brush, but a clean rag would of worked just as well. One coat left a very nice satin finish on some of the wood. The walnut needed two coats, but that's usually the minimum number of coats I use with Tung Oil. The only difference was drying time. The Teak Oil took longer.

I don't see why Teak Oil wouldn't work as well as Tung Oil & at least here in Merryland is about 1/2 the cost @ Home Depot. The brand of Teak Oil was Watco.

Hope this helps.

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