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I have tried all i know to do but i cant get my cbg to play and not be sharp up and down the neck its constant i tune to open g chord gdg for the 3 strings but any note i try to frett shows sharp on my tuner the strings are .025,.020,.015 there is a .050 gap between the first frett and a .130 gap between the 12th frett and the string if i use a slide all is good thanks for any help

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Try moving your bridge back toward the tail to increase the scale length. Move it about 1/2" ,  retune and check it. That should show better results, at least it's a starting point.

Thanks i will try it

What Jim said. awhile back I made a cbg that was fretted 628mm but bridged at 648.....took some head scratching until I worked it out.

rick, .20 between 1st fret and strings, the higher the strings makes them act like bending ,your making them longer when you fret them.

Thanks guys for all the help i got it it was 2 things i had to move the bridage and file the nut when i built it we checked it well but for some reason it changed all that matters now is playing time thanks again to all

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