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Two new builds Finished Mal(UK)


My latest builds.Mal(UK)

My first build.

Here are a couple of tenor builds I've done in the last few months.  I was really pleased with learning how to bend wood and getting more into true lutherie.

This one is made of bloodwood with spruce soundboard, maple neck and wenge fretboard and bridge.  The rosette is bloodwood, maple and ebony:

 photo ChristmasUkes090.jpg


This one has walnut sides with lacewood top and back.  Again using maple neck with wenge fretboard and bridge.  The bindings were my first attempt, using a pearl white acrylic:


 photo ChristmasUkes073.jpg


I'm finishing up another right now that has cherry sides and back with spruce soundboard, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard and bridge and dual piezos.  I'll post photos when it's done.


Trying to finish these up.The really curly one is koa with spruce top. The other is all koa. The ukes have kind of been taking a back seat to the CBG's

The "Drake Mallard" memorial CB Uke.  acoustic/electric.  Will go on sale at ebay (House of Musical Traditions) with proceeds going to a charity for Renaissance Fair performers.  Drake Mallard was the pirate name for my friend Paul Diblasi III, who recently passed.

Can I show an "almost"...? Ash sides and a purple heart back. Spanish cedar top on the way. Ash for the neck. It matches... 

Here are two that I've built.

The first is a tenor (my first CBUke). The second is a "contra" which is on a 21.5" scale, tuned GCEA (low G) and down an octave. Strings are the EADG from a classical guitar set.

Neck-through on both ukes. The neck material came from an old oak vanity I replaced during a remodel.


Both awesome Lane!

Headstock game STRONG!


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