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So I lurk here a lot.  I've been wanting to play an upright but won't be forking over the $ to see if I really like it or not.  So after looking around and freely stealing ideas off the net.  This is what I came up with.

It has a flat fingerboard because I have no desire to bow it.  It is made from $132 of hardware store parts.  It has weed whacker strings except the E it is plastic coated clothesline.  Sounds pretty good, a little quiet.  Tuners are friction made from 5/16 thumb screws squeezing the head stock.  Neck is maple, pass through is redwood, bridge is maple, nut is some purple heart I had laying around. 

I'm going to put geared tuners, real strings and a taiIl piece on it soon. 

Ideas stolen from



I was going to take lots of picture but got so into building it, I forgot.

If you have questions feel free to contact me on the forum or at. leonardrayrice@gmail.com

My interests change with the weather (sometimes multiple times a day) so I may or may not remember to check for messages on the forums.

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WOW Leonard, this is awesome!  Lots of details to love.  How did you join the two washtubs?

I cut and folded tabs on the sides and overlapped the back sheet metal. Then pop riveted it together with silicone between to seal and eliminate rattles. There is a ring rolled into the top. I cut it and tack welded them together.

This is NICE! Lots of love in this project!


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