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Thinkin bout buildin  an  8 string cigar box mando. Would like discussion from those who have buildt one. ( scale, neck support, box support, photos. etc., etc.) Thanks 

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I'm thinking of building a 4-string one, 15" scale. I won't need a truss rod, but you probably will.

Probably on an Indian Tabac box, the small one.
U think a steel bar grooved in to the neck will do? Then a 3/8 fretboard on top. Can a 15 inch scale be tuned like a mandolin?

Diane in Chicago said:
I'm thinking of building a 4-string one, 15" scale. I won't need a truss rod, but you probably will.

Probably on an Indian Tabac box, the small one.
A "real" mandolin is 13". That is really short and not much room to warp. I bet a steel bar would do especially with a 3/8" fingerboard. My Mid-Missouri/Big Muddy mando does not have an adjustable rod, but there is likely a rod in there.

I think there are kit instructions on the web for building a mandolin from Rockler or Stewmac or somebody. If we can find those, you can see how they put in a rod.

A 15 can easily be tuned GDAE, just choose the strings that match with that string gauge calculator thingy.


I put in G D A E for both 13 and 15", and it gives the same answers:

.030, .020, .014, .09

I don't know if folks use alternate tunings for mando much. Probably not because it is such a pain to tune the dual strings. But I'll likely go lighter on the lowest string, like maybe .028 so I can tune ADAE.

And maybe I'll make another and tune DDAd, like that fiddle tuning. I'm playing a lot of D tunes lately anyhow, so that would be a fun experiment.
i want one to Steveeeeeeeeeeee so let me know what you come up with and i also have some small Indian Tabacs if you need one
4 string mandola, 17"scale length, no truss rod, oak neck with ebony fretboard

not a cigar box, but has regular mando scale, no truss rod, 15yrs old and neck is still straight.http://handmademusic.ning.com/photo/mando-001?context=latest
Found this while researching the Mandoblaster.....http://www.crossroadswood.com/images/100_24332.jpg
here`s a good site that shows lots of cool builds...http://www.tinguitar.com/electricmandolin
I built several 4 string mandos ........ no truss rod needed with the typical cbg neck. I think just using a laminated neck and a fretboard would be enuff even for 8 strings. A cbg mando looks tiny compared to a regular mando and like the other guy said ... a neck that short doesn't have a lot of room for bowing.

My next mando will be 8 strings ... I was asked to do one. And this is how I plan to do it.

The Mandola that's my sig is an 3-string model built on a Cohiba box. The neck is laminated from two pieces of maple with a 1/4" oak piece in the middle, and a 1/4" maple fretboard. No truss rod.
No warpage at all after about a year.
It's a bolt-on neck using a furniture insert and a 1/4" bolt.

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