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WARNING -don't watch these vids if you ever think you'll be a guitar player. Derek Trucks at 13 & 12 & 11 years old - plus more growing up

13, I wonder what signatures are on his SG?

And 12 years old - Statesboro Blues

11th birthday

31 years old

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I read an article that said some of the signatures include: Otis Rush, Elvin Jones, Bobby Bland, Bob Dylan, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Family Man Barrett, Aubrey Ghen, Chuck Campbell, Bob Margolin, Hubert Sumlin, & Walter Wolfeman Washington, but others have simply worn off due to use.

Q. Do you have one guitar that's nearest and dearest to your heart?

A. Yes. It's the guitar I play all the time. I have a lot of great signatures on it: Little Milton, Johnny Winter, Otis Rush, Clapton, Santana, Roy Haynes, Jimmy Cobb, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Les Paul. . .


He is now 30 years old and he and his wife (the woman on stage with him)

18 year veteran and joined the Allman brothers in 1999

I was lucky enough to see DTB when Derek was something like 19 o 20 years old. It was the bands first tour. We caught them at a small bar gig in Austin. Even that young he was crazy good guitar player. I've seen him several times since either with DTB or ABB. Just an excellent musician.

Ohhh! A great musician!.

I enjoy very much the first video.


He is a master !!

Well, maybe you SHOULD watch these vids to get an idea of what a guitar player is (even if this is an 11 year old kid you compare to).  You CAN catch up and get better than this preteen.  RIGHT?

EDIT:  When this kid was growing up, he was around cool musicians and he took after his 'Uncle Duane' from an early age.  Hey Uncle Duane, what's that glass bottle on your finger?  Hey Uncle Duane, is this solo from Whipping Post right?  Liz Reed?  One way out?  Thanks Unk!!  I'll take it from here...


(IF YOU READ THIS OR CLICK THE LINK, POST HERE.  Keep the Clubhouse alive...

A while ago, I decided to take a break from making cbgs, ukes, etc., and instead, to spend the time actually learning to play stringed instruments half-way decently. Well, putting in maybe only 1/5 of the time I used to spend building these projects, to dedicating myself to practicing, I can honestly say that I've progressed way beyond what I ever thought possible. Frankly, I'm beyond thrilled with the progress I've made in a relatively short time.

(FWIW: I never had any intention of going into business with my builds; the process was simply a relaxing distraction; at least 90% of them were simply gifted out. In the meantime, I've come to realize that it's a lot easier, rediculously less time-consuming, cheaper, cleaner, and, I've found, actually more appreciated by the recipients, for me to simply buy and give away decent factory-made ukuleles that can be purchased for less than $50 each.)

I'm not suggesting, certainly, that others give up their hobby/addiction/etc., if it gives them satisfaction/a sense of accomplishment or whatever, but do I highly recommend learning/playing the instruments, if one isn't at least moderately accomplished at it already. Of course, I'll never be another Derek Trucks. I'm shooting for “not bad,” and for me, at least, the rewards have been so gratifying, I'm blown away.

As always, "YMMV." - Jim N (Devil's Advocate? ^^

“PRACTICE Y'ALL!!!” - Ted Crocker

As  poor player i've always struggled to get any real progress, a bit to do with a damaged left hand, but mostly a mental block to playing within a workable structure, watched all the videos, copied them [to a degree] , but it still never came easy. Then i read a blog that Jeff [ Phrygian Kid] wrote on nation on simplified theory, and it all started to make much more sense, very quickly i learned    go/no go areas on the fretboard to make complimentary sounds, and from there it's just a matter of getting better at it, i really recommend having a look through it if you lack theory knowledge, as it's broken down very simply------http://www.cigarboxnation.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2592684%3ABlogP...

My Hero!   It's interesting to watch him from 11 years old to now and realize he had all the talent and licks at 11!   Thanks Uncle Duane!!!  I try to play like Derek & Duane but I don't really come close...

But at least I try...

It is kinda hard to watch a preteen guitar wiz make the 40 + year old garage band look lame trying to keep up on their local bar gig...

These videos show us how a guitar player JUST PLAYS and doesn't need stage effects or anything besides an SG and his Fender Bluesman amp.

Did any of y'all listen to just one of these cool tunes>. GIVE ME A SIGN!

This kid just make it big one day!!  Its funny to watch this puny little kid show up the garage band's ego guitarist on stage doing stuff he studied from Uncle Duane...!!!

OMG, How did I leave this one out, something I try to play on my 3 string Tedecaster.  His wife Sue has some serious chops too!!! 

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