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I finally got my website set up:


The purpose of this site is primarily educational, with the goal of helping those new to cigar box guitars to get into the swing of things easily and quickly.  The articles will be limited in number so they won't have to wade through a ton of stuff to find the basics.

I'll endeavor to point people to really valuable videos and sites that can provide a launching pad environment for them to get started.  If they don't get started, they'll never discover the fun.   I'll be avoiding advanced CBG concepts, will simplify articles (and probably leave out a bunch of details) in order to get them started.  There are always sites like this one and Handmade Music Clubhouse where they can dive in as deeply as they like.

If you have a favorite "launching pad" site that you think may be of benefit to total newbs, please let me know in the comments below and I'll consider adding it to my site under "Additional references".  Thanks!

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I checked out the new site. Looks Great! You should get some traffic (and sales) there.

I've added to my favorites so I can check it out regularly.

Nicely done.

Thanks for the effort.

Thanks Tom.   I've been working hard to make new items to add to the site.  Should be at least one or two things a week if I'm not in the middle of heavy R&D... which I've been the last 3 days on my soon-to-come flute offerings. 

But I'm not hooked.  I can quit any time.  Any time.

Sure you can...............

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