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Mine is all greyed out, and completely blank.


Is it just me?

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Well, thanks, Lowe.  That did it.

well, hell, it is greyed out again.  okay over at the nation and the MD ning site.  what is up with this?

Your not alone Diane, I cant chat on this one either????  I will have my computer looked at this weekend. If they find something i will let you know.

I checked on 3 browsers on the mac and 2 on a pc and no problems.  In the past, every problem with the interactive part of this site has been solved by updating Flash  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


Weird that the nation works, but not really.  They could be rolling out a new version of chat.  Does the photo slide show work and the jukebox?



Let me know

That could be the problem with mine.  Adobe is nowhere to be found and has somehow left my computer  without saying goodbye.  Thanks for the info Ted...

But I did reinstall it, just yesterday.  Chat worked fine and then today, nada. 


Photo slideshow works fine.

Well, the freakin' chat works, and then doesn't work.  Randomly.   I give up.

DIANE?   Your user account on your PC might be corrupt. I made a new user account and it works just fine now.   I just need to get all my pics over their now #$@7.

Ning did some site maintenance last night.  Still having problems?

I am ashamed to say, there is a toggle in the top right hand corner of the chat window.  If the dot is red, you need to click on it and it will turn green, and MAGICALLY RESTORE THE CHAT!

I have been on here for years, and never knew that little button existed.

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