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What is the best string spacing at the nut for a four stringer?

I am making a license plate / sign guitar with the sign being 12"X 9" celebrating the Irish heritage of a friend.  The bridge I am using came from Gitty.  My mind took a vacation and I spaced the string indentions too wide (3/8") at the nut for the spacing of the Gitty bridge (which is 7/16").  The outer strings are almost even with the width the fret board.  What would be the string spacings that would work on a 1 1/2"wide bone nut?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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Depends on your fingers. Mine are stubby, so I use 5/16".

I go at it the other way, set your outermost strings then divvy up the remainder. Once that is in the bag, figuring bridge spacing is a straight compare job. Yeah the spacings vary a little but since I bulk precut necks anyhow, it seems to work out OK

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