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what have you used as a tail piece. something to hold strings.

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Rick if you take a close look at the tailend of this build, I used a door striking plate. Just flaten the bent part out with a hammer and drill 3 small holes in ti for the strings. Screw it on.

Here`s the cake server tailpiece.

Rick here`s a good idea too, here a member used a drawer pull for his tailpiece. Great idea!!http://handmademusic.ning.com/photo/the-number-50?context=latest
what i do on alot of mine Rick is just drill my holes in the end of the neck threw and place 1/8 rivet colars in it to keep the string from diging in the wood
rick a good tail piece is cabnet door hing you can get them at lowes 2 per pack just saw it off and use the part that goes on the door the screws even match the hing
what Gene is talking about... I dont even mess about with metal fittings, just use nice hard wood and countersink in reasonably deep for the ball ends
heres a drawer handle, look in the mirror on the left..
this one has a hinge, real basic..
use whatever's handy rick. here i used a simple hinge and a drawer handle

Rick, I butt the end of the neck against the back of the box like yours....or how yours appears. I have used small hinges, but my favorite method is a simple flat piece of wood screwed into the neck with holes for the strings. WAAAY easy, feel free to flatter me by imitation! lol

These hinges are available in a huge array of finishes and colors (and often found at Restores):

You could use an old scooper.

rick i am partial to just shaping a tail piece from a piece of hard wood ....usualy a cut off from what ever i used for the fretboard or bridge. I have used hinges in the past also ...just look around tho the poibilities are endless if u see something u think u can make work odds are u can
These are Harp string pins,their about 1 1/2" long. You drill a slightly smaller hole and tap them in. I just leave about 1/8" sticking out a string sleeve will fit right on them.

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