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looks like a large wooden compas

Antique guitar pick......boy..we have come along way!.......smile...

its a tuning fork--key of A i can hear it ya see.

agree with cajun

Yep looks like a tuning fork alright...old school way of tuning an instrument!


It's Gustav Van Halen- inventor of the first wammy bar!

You don't hold a tuning fork like chopsticks...

I think is a caliper, hes showing off his tool because hes a builder.

Yup, looks like a caliper to me. Or maybe it's an old school split coil stereo pup, adjustable for various string spacings? Adjustable Appalachian Nosepick?

Witchen sticks.

I agree with Mike Cossey. It's an adjustable pick that will strum BOTH sets of strings in unison.

its a caliper alright. but these guys used it to compare mustache length. its all they had before hot rods.  I have the same tool but I use it to pull toast out of my toaster.

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