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We all know about wood stains, only the nearest woodworking store from me is 75 miles from where I live. That's over $100 in gasoline!

So, a show of hands, who knows Kool-Aid (without sugar added) can be used as a dye?

Ah, everyone who has spilled some on the furniture, I see.

The Rit people claim their fabric dye can be used on wood if it's put on hot - about 180 degrees.

I don't know, I never tried it that way, but I have mixed a little in with white glue to highlight a seam.

Use it fast, it causes the glue to curdle. I don't know how this affects the strength, I've never run tests.

Any feedback on the subject?

I hear from several sources food coloring works, I used some to airbrush a rose for a lady friend a few years ago. Yes, it does.

I read in a woodworking magazine where cherrywood can be stained with Drano.

Problem: Drano contains a greenish dye, combined with red of the cherry - Gads, what a color!

Instead, use household lye.

I don't remember the proportions, so you'll have to experiment on some scrap.

A word of caution, here. Lye in these concentrations can and will cause burns, so I recomend rubber gloves and keep a glass of vinegar handy to neutralize it in case of spills.

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Cheapest and most natural stain - rotting black walnuts...just be sure to wear those long latex dishwashing gloves!!  just take a clean old t-shirt, grab some rotting walnuts and start rubbing them on the neck. Wait a minute or so and wipe down. Repeat process to darken the neck.

Forgot about them.

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